Originally from Southern California, Nancy Andrade is a South Florida based actor, singer, and dancer. Suffice it to say, she may go into shock if she ever encounters temperatures below 70°F. Nancy began her acting career before the age of 10 and she's spent the majority of her life performing in one form or another. Either in local live theatre, or convincing her teachers that her homework somehow went missing right before class, or perfecting the "I'm not going to make it in today" rasp in her voice for her boss at The GAP so she can head to an audition instead of folding V-Necks all day. Ultimately, she determined having a "regular job" is for the weak so she ditched her corporate gig for the fictitious stability of entrepreneurship and acting. After spending the majority of her acting career on the musical theatre stage, she's now making the transition from stage to screen. Whether she plays "Resort Guest #2" on an episodic or the lead in a feature film, Nancy brings a uniquely memorable performance each time. She'll make you laugh, she'll make you cry, she might even piss you off. Just ask her ex-husband.